Some very good mobile security softwares please?

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I have here an iPhone 4S, and it has a lot of files on in plus those notes I have written there are as well important. I' am afraid that there will be a time that for example this phone will be stolen, or something like some important files will be corrupted because of a virus. Please I need a suggestion of some very good mobile security software. Thanks!

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Some very good mobile security softwares please?


Hi all,

Hereafter is some security application for your IPhone:

1. FIND MY IPHONE: Created by Apple, it certainly is the security application / geolocation most essential for your iPhone. It allows users to know where their mobile phone. This application is essential for users who hope to find their lost phone or wish to delete sensitive information remotely. Through your user account iCloud, the application is your phone on a map, can make it make a sound if it is somewhere near you, and can even remotely lock and delete personal data.

2. CONTACTSPRO: Available on iPhone and iPad, it allows users to hide contacts, photos and other information in spaces protected by secret codes.

3. LOOKOUT: Another application security / geolocation Lookout (as FindMy iPhone) allows users to find their iPhone or iPad. Users also have the ability to save their contacts, manage their data through the web, and of course find their device. According to Lookout, the latest version of the application has a new feature called Signal Fire, which automatically saves the location of the phone when the battery is low, so that users can find it more easily.

4. NQ MOBILE VAULT: Similar to ContactsPro the application Vault NQ Mobile allows users to hide photos, videos and messages they do not want others to see. This application is free but some premium features (such as, for example, an option to shoot anyone who enters wrong password on your phone) are still available for $ 1.99.

5. RSA TOKEN SECURID SOFTWARE: The application SecureIDToken RSA gives your iPhone a two-factor identification in order to enable the deployment of software tokens to other resources such as RSA VPNs, WLANs and other Web applications.

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