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I heard that Samsung Galaxy S III will be released on June 21 via Sprint. It comes in 16GB and 32GB at $200 and $250 respectively. Can we avail it prior to its release? Will I get this device cheaper if I purchase it via T-Mobile or AT&T perhaps?

Also, what would be the advantage of this quad-core beauty that comes with Google - wallet friendly?

What other mobile devices that are at par with this Samsung Galaxy S III?

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Hi Irawtech,

You can avail of the product on this eligible website plus shipping cost. Best Buy, Car Tools, Costco, Let talk, Radio shark Wireless, Sprint, Target, T-Mobile, Verizon, Walmart, Wirelessfly.  The price as of today 249.99 but  you can get it 189. 99, that is 16 Gb. 

The Android-Powered Samsung Galaxy 111 runs the Android 4.0 Operating system.  It features the brilliant 4.8 inch display that extends to an ultra thin bezel to maximize the viewing area. It has 3G/4G connectivity, 1.5. GHz dual core Snap dragon processor and has 8 MP camera, HD 1080 video capture. 

It can connect through touch. With just beam, you can connect two Samsung, and transfer photos, videos, documents and more and in just three minutes. You can transfer, 1 Gb video file in that speed and simplicity. 

It can send pictures in a flash, and can access content on multiple devices.