Reading XML file from FTP server

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Hi! I have a task, to read XML file from FTP server (data output in the table). My implementation is not the best: file is downloaded to hard drive and then it is read from given path, for example 'C:/something.xml'. Personally I don't like it, but I couldn't find better solution. I guess there should be options to save file to RAM and and then to read it from RAM, or may be directly from FTP. I will appreciate your opinion and advice.

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Reading XML file from FTP server


Hello, Tony!

 Only name of the file name should be put in there. It is just a indicator to say read the file in Character mode. Pass it as 'X'. Also note you should pass the parameter Handle which you get as output from FTP_CONNECT. You can study reading XML file more at the following LINK.


Mathew Tand

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