Professional exam and that of the exam for field engineers?

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In renewing the Cisco Certified Network Professional license, I understand that you would have to pass another 642-channel examination.

Is there any difference between the professional exam and that of the exam for field engineers?

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Professional exam and that of the exam for field engineers?


The certification of CCNP is valid for 3 years. After that time, everyone has to renew his certification.

For renewing the CCNP, everyone can retake the exam or participate in a written exam.

In case of retaking the exam, someone has to pass the 642 exam.

This exam has to be part of the new curriculum (designed after 01/01/06).

Below I have written the CCNP retake exam numbers for everyone’s concern.

  • Exam No.642-892
  • Exam No 642-825.
  • Exam No 642-845.

Alternatively, everyone has to take a written test of current CCIE and get their CCNP certificate renewed.

The different between professional exam and field engineers are acknowledged in the Networking industry. Say you have learned Networking with practice and study.

You may also have a Bachelor Degree in Networking. You are getting paid $2000 per month (just example), but when you have passed the CCNP exam everyone acknowledges your skill and will to pay more for your service.

When you pass enough exams you are considered as skilled Networking Engineer as well as Bachelor Degree in Networking.


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