Problem With Norton Internet Security 2012 Autofix

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I have installed Norton Internet Security 2012 on my Windows XP computer. I normally scan files and documents that I submit on the Internet using Norton. Today, I have observed that Norton is disabled without me telling it to hide.

I tried to open the application but it does not do anything. After a while, I tried the autofix, but an error 8504,101 popped up. I did what was instructed to fix the error and I can now see the RNR for Norton on my desktop. I tried to open that shortcut, but I get a message saying "Could not gather details about the layout or license."

Other applications on my computer are working just fine without any problems. I am worried about the Norton not functioning as it should. Can anybody help me with this problem? Thanks in advance!



Norton Internet Security has encountered an error.Error:8504, 104

We were unable to find an automated fix for this issue. Please click Open support Web site for further assistance.

Open Support Web Site


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Problem With Norton Internet Security 2012 Autofix


Different things causes the Norton internet security errors. you to have exit all the programs and  restart your computer. if the problem is not resolve by restarting the computer  download Norton remove and re-install tool.  this program will remove and re install your Norton security products bur if you have  other Norton utilities you have to install them manually before you proceed but if u receive your Norton products from your service provider just download and run Norton Removal Tool. save the files on your windows desktop and on the windows desktop open NRnR icon, you follow the instruction and restart your computer after everything is done.



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Problem With Norton Internet Security 2012 Autofix


Hello Garrick,

To resolve that issue, you will need to remove temporary files from your computer and after that run a checkdisk scan to determine what could be the possible cause of the issue and resolve it.

To remove the temporary files, you will need to first of all install CCleaner and then run it, and use to clear all registry entry problems as well as junk files on your computer. After that you will do the following:

  • On your computer  click start, and then type cmd,
  • After that right click on cmd  and then Run as Administrator.
  • You will then type chkdsk /r /f  hit enter  and then  type y.
  • After that restart the Computer and let the check disk run.
  • And then check the Norton internet Security and see if it is working well.



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