Printer Ink Refill – Damaged Cartridge

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While searching for filling up printer cartridge at home i tried refilling my printer ink at home. Purchased ink and a injection to fill my cartridge. I watched some videos on how to fill the printer in on you tube. On you tube it was showing cartridge same as mine one i followed all the steps but when i put it into my printer its not working nothing is getting printed out. I filled my printer ink full till top and pull back some ink through bottom of the cartridge also.

I just did this with black color cartridge to save some bucks but its not working and its not even empty. My cartridge no is 27b which is for hp printer 3740 desk-jet series. Is there any way i can get this cartridge empty so that i can send it for refilling to some expert?? Or is there any thing which i am missing while refilling ink cartridge.

Any kind of help will be useful. Please suggest me what to do..

Here is how my cartridge looks like..

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Printer Ink Refill – Damaged Cartridge


Are your cartridges can be detected in the printer? The possibility that your cartridge was damaged. At the bottom of the cartridge there is a circuit which is use for connecting cartridges with the printer , and the circuit should not be touched at all because it is so easily damaged. Maybe when you are filling ink, inadvertently you have touched the circuit and it is intentionally make damaged.

To make sure, you can borrow your friend's cartridges with the same series, if it can run smoothly on your printer, you have to buy new cartridges. You can also go to the expert ink refill, such as Veneta System. There your  cartridges will be checked. If your cartridge is still healthy, it can be refill. In Veneta System, before refilling, the cartridges will be emptying and cleaning professionally.

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Printer Ink Refill – Damaged Cartridge


 As your problem is it looks like that you Printer cartridge is Not damaged but is in a condition where it is not ready to use, now what I will suggest is that you have to take these steps :

  • Take a tissue paper, if not available just take a cloth.
  • Now rub your cartridge with that paper in such a way that the ink side will come to the tissue paper and keep it there for a while. It will release some of your ink. It does not then your cartridge is dead or out of use. If the tissue have some ink it means that your cartridge is well. Now you can also repeat these processes to remove ink from your cartridges,
  • Any how if it does not work than take your cartridge and put it in to a deep freeze but keep in mind you have to cover it first with some plastic. It will work with your ink and make it fine.
  • If still nothing happens then take it to SUN and keep it in warm for almost an hour. It will also make your ink performance good.
  • Any how if the problem is still there then your cartridges are dead replacing them with another is good.

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