Plugin for saving Octoshape live stream

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Hi Guys,

I need to know about saving Octoshape live stream, I use the grid Octoshape plug in, will that help me in recording / saving of files, or do I need to have any separate Plugin or software for that. Please do the needful for giving me suggestion.


Cyril L Edmonds

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Plugin for saving Octoshape live stream


Neither Octoshape plugin nor Octoshape Grid allow for saving or recording of content. They are made this way on purpose, as a method of monetization and enforcement of digital copyright. By its very definition, video streaming means your computer never has the complete video file, which it would need to do in order to save it. Rather, the computer gets a small chunk of the video into its memory, displays it and then immediately replaces it with the next chunk. This happens at a constant rate, hence "streaming". However, there are workarounds that will enable you to save the content being streamed:

1. You can download, install and run one of the various video capture programs. When the video stream starts, enlarge it to full screen, select the highest quality available and press the video capture hotkey. You will then get the stream saved onto your hard drive as a video file that you can edit. The quality of the resulting file is highly dependent on your computer's performance. Before you start capturing the video stream, familiarize yourself with the video capture software's settings and hotkeys.

2. If your computer is not powerful enough to handle both video streaming and video capture at the same time, you can set up a camera in front of your computer screen and start recording as the stream begins. This requires a lot of attention to avoid glare on the screen and distortion of the image due to improper angle.

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