Please help me how to remove Floppy A:

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Hi IT Experts,

Please help me to remove floppy (A:),My Pc runs fine. But Sometimes when I click floppy disk by mistake. The machine hang sometimes. Floppy disk drive is not need to me now. So I want to disable the device without removing cables and device.

How can I do this ? Have any solution ?

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Please help me how to remove Floppy A:


Hi Christian,

It looks like your having a problem on that drive A: or your Floppy drive you can anytime disable it on the CMOS try to check it so that you also know how to do in your own theres a choices there to remove drives, same as how to malfunction USB, just like my internet cafe all USB are being disable to prevent viruses. Other options could be removing your floppy drive you just open your CPU to do it it's just simple then once it's remove it done, it's very easy steps to do it. Maybe, the reason why your computer hang is not in the floppy drive is either your Operating System that need check up for the virus, or your computer is really slow, i mean it's obsolete enough to handle new application that causes lag or hang.


Tony Stevenson 

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