No permission to access \HOLLAND-SVR documents

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Hi to all,

I have recently installed windows 8 on my PC. I have mapped all my network drives successfully and also rebooted the system but after doing all this I have met an error message. The message is as follows:

[Window Title]
Network Error
[Main Instruction]
Windows cannot access \HOLLAND-SVRDocuments
You do not have permission to access \HOLLAND-SVRDocuments. Contact your network administrator to request access.
For more information about permissions, see Windows Help and Support

I have checked my server settings. It is all set up acceptably and is running fine. First I used to get a message asking about the username and password but now the following window opens up and nothing else is visible:








How can I get rid of this message? Kindly help me in resolving the problem.

Looking forward to your replies



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No permission to access HOLLAND-SVR documents



Please do the following:


You may need to match the server. Please switch to the local account. You see the credential manager there for your importance. By using active directory, you may overcome from this problem.

Create batch file and run it.

For saving passwords, you may use credential manager to save password to server.

Using net map drive for saving password in the server is also welcomed and recommended.

If all these are done properly, your computer is now a member detained.  You need to log on and have the access permission.

Now look on your server if the error message still alive

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