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Nintendo is bringing out the firmware update that adds folders to your folder. Does the firmware update help the hardware from not working properly?

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Hi Adolfo,

                The latest update will center on distributing all gamers with folder to systematize their apps.

This will be directly assembling orderly the main menu of 3Ds a lot simply and the capability to name each folder makes organizing all downloadable apps and games.  Gamers will also allow receiving patches and other crucial updates for faster gaming.

The update will eradicate glitches shortcuts that presently plague certain tracks within the restrictions of the game card. To make this story short, it could be yes or it could be no. Sometimes, hardware stops on working properly is because of softwares. It’s always depend on what application or game that you are going to  install, some of those, is incompatible to your system, so you better study first the aspects that could  happen in the future .

I hope this information was help!