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What are the best accessories now for iPad? I want to buy something educational and interesting accessories for my iPad.

Thanks guys for your help. 

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Hello Mr. Coughlin, For educational accessories there are a wide range of things you can get. For music and media there is the IK Multimedia iKilp, it can be used for a stand to hold the iPad when needing to record special projects or when using iPad for a camera. Another accessory would be the Griffin Multidock.

This super charger will allow you to charge many devices all at once. The dock can also be lock up to keep each and every device safe till they are ready to be used again. These are only a few here is a link that will assist you with more.

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Hello Brian Coughlin,

Thanks for posting that query sir. There are several accessories that are available for your iPad in the market. The following are some of the accessories you can choose from:

1. IPEVO Point 2 View USB Camera - Inexpensive document camera $69.00

2. IPEVO Point 2 View USB Camera - Inexpensive document camera $69.00

3. Zipshot Instant Tripod - Quick set up and take-down $49.95

4. Omnitech Mini-Speaker - Curiously loud small speaker. Charges by USB $9.99

5. Germ Gaudian Mini UV-C Light Wand - Pass over surfaces to kill germs $19.99

I hope this helps.