New Elixir 512DDR 4 RAM Isn’t sharing enough with Processor

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Hi, recently I have bought one New Elixir 512 DDR 4 RAM. I am game loving person, so I need good RAM as much as I need Processor. But somehow it is not sharing it's full power with the Processor. As a result my game slows down. Can anyone please help me? 

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New Elixir 512DDR 4 RAM Isn’t sharing enough with Processor


If you bought a new Elixir 512 MB DDR4 memory card and installed it on your computer but instead of speeding up your system it slowed down your PC games, I guess you should check the other memory cards installed together with the Elixir 512 MB DDR4. Mixing memory cards with different brands but with the same type is fine but it should be of the same speed.

If you mix memory cards with different speeds, the overall speed of your memory or the overall speed that your memory cards will take will be the speed of the memory card with the lowest speed rate. For example, if your memory cards have the following speeds: 300 MHz, 400 MHz, and 800 MHz; the overall speed of the memory will fall to 300 MHz since it is the lowest or the slowest.

That’s the downside of mixing fast and slow memory cards. Installing a fast memory card will be useless because it will still take the speed of the slower one. It will not run at optimal speed. So, in your case, don’t get surprised if it didn’t boost the speed of your PC.

To fix it, make sure all memory cards have the same speed. Or, you can remove the one with the slowest speed to make the memory run at a faster rate.

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