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My webcam not recognized by the computer?

It has been working fine before. After turning on the computer, I was prompted that one of the USB device on my computer is not recognized. I just followed the windows wizard prompt. It searched for the driver but in the end it was not found. By the way, I am using a Microsoft Lifecam VX3000.


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 No need to worry about your problem because WEBCAM drivers software could have errors all the time while being use or when it is shut down. You’ve mentioned that it prompted that one of the USB device is not recognized. So here are the few steps that you can do to solved the issue:

(1). Remove the webcam from your computer

(2). Reset the installation of your webcam software

(3). Uninstall the driver software.

(4). Connect the WEBCAM so that it would be detected as a NEW HARDWARE as it will be installed.

(5). Go to the properties to check the images. I hope these steps helps  a lot. 

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First, you check whether there is a problem in your webcam by fixing it to another computer.

If the there is no any problem it may be a driver software problem in the web cam. However, I am not quite sure the OS you are working with. Assuming you are having windows 07 or vista OS, please follow the below guidelines;

Go: Start > Start Search > type: devmgmt.msc > OK.

Expand the Imaging Devices.

You can see ! Sign on yellow field next to the device.

Right click the devise.

Select the option related to the version of Windows and follow these steps;

Update driver Software > Browse my computer for driver software > Browse.

Browse for folders as; C:\Program Files\Microsoft LifeCam\Driver32.

If you do not find the drivers check in the following folders.



Click Next.

If you cannot resolve the problem, try to download the latest version of the LifeCam through;

If the problem still exists, check whether you are having the latest service pack.

For this; right click My Computer > Properties > General.

You can download the latest service pack through



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Even though you installed the webcam software, and then you connected the webcam hardware it will be not recognized.  This usually happens because you not properly installed your Webcam drivers.

You can try to resolve your problem  by updating your webcam driver in “Device Manager”

Launch the “Device Manager” then tap “Start” now in the “Search” box input: devmgmt.msc

If a “Password” dialog box displayed after that, simply input your password or select “Continue”

Then outspread the “Sound, Video, and game” controllers and “Image Devices”

Once you see the “yellow field” right next to your device, if there is an  “exclamation point” that only means that your webcam device has some problem. Choose “Option” by right-clicking the device then select the your Windows version.

Select “Update Driver Software” then “Browse my computer for driver software” followed by “Browse”

While you’re in the  “Browse for Folder” change the folder into: C:\Program Files\Microsoft LifeCam\Driver32

 Then tap “OK” and Select “Next”

You can also try  to input these:



Try to connect your webcam device in other computer, check if the same problem occurred, when you've encountered the same problem, the webcam device itself  might be the main  problem.