My RAM Usage Don”t Add Up As Shown In The Task ManagerHe

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I have been encountering this problem for a while and would like to have some insight as to why.

My RAM usage reaches 80% even though I have no huge processes running. I tried to add all the processes but it wouldn't even reach half of what is shown

I would appreciate if someone would answer my question.


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My RAM Usage Don”t Add Up As Shown In The Task ManagerHe


Hello Edward 

Basically the usage of RAM is not related to processes since the RAM is a memory ( Random Access Memory ) for which it stores data for the software and the OS in order to perform the process. 

The usage of RAM can be 80% or even more if you have low RAM and : 

  1. Using a theme for windows that has lots of graphics 
  2. Using many apps at the same time
  3. Using web browsing and having more than 10 websites open on a browser like chrome or firefox
  4. Multiple tasks

All of the previous tasks causes an increase in RAM usage, i recommend that you increase you RAM since the recent apps uses lots of graphics and requires lots of memory of the computer.




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