My laptop fan stays on high constantly

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I am wondering why my laptop fan may be staying on high all of the time.  I know that my Apple laptop is properly ventilated so it isn't overheating and I'm not doing anything incredibly heavy on it that would cause the fan to be on so much.   I'm concerned there may be another issue I'm missing.  I did try working in another area thinking that the ventilation may be the problem but it persisted.  Assistance is appreciated.

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My laptop fan stays on high constantly



The following are the reasons for running system fan high all time is due to heat generation due to:
1. Blocked air vents
2. Computer works hard
3. heavy Programs running on your computer
Sometimes dirt, dust block the air vents of computer and fan cant create enough hair flow to cool down efficiently. You may be doing CPU intensive like video work, high graphics games or heavy duty tasks so machine get hot. You should also check the background running program to ensure CPU usage.

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