Microsoft Visual Basic Error Message

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After upgrading my MS Office I suddenly got an error and when I clicked on OK another prompt related to Microsoft Visual Basic opens. It says that “Compile error in hidden module: uifunctions”.

I am not a programmer or anything related to that, and that is the reason why I need your help to get rid of this prompts.


Compile error in hidden module: uifunctions

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Microsoft Visual Basic Error Message



I had this error message as well with my MS Word application. These are the steps I had to take to isolate and resolve the issue. Please try them and see if they work for you. too.
First, I checked if the start up folder for MS Word if there is any add-ins loading. The path should look like this:
C:Documents and SettingsUSERNAMEApplication DataMicrosoftWordSTARTUP

Since I did not see any add-ins, I had my MS Word run on a safe mode. These are the steps on how to do it:

  •     Go to the command prompt:
  •     for XP: START -> RUN -> cmd -> ENTER KEY
  •     for Vista: START -> START SEARCH -> CMD -> ENTER KEY
  •     On the black screen, type winword.exe / a
  •     Press the Enter key.

After this, I had my MS Word working.



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Microsoft Visual Basic Error Message


Hi Brad Pwet,

  • The same error has appeared in my pc and I think that the error is about Adobe.
  • Try the follow steps.
  • In the Remove/Add list, un-install all existing Adobe products.
  • Re-start the computer.
  • Open Windows MS Excel. The error shall be resolved.
  • The most updated Adobe products shall be installed and then restart.

Alternatively, you could find any files in the folder of Program Files> Microsoft Office> Office Startup (Office XP > Office 10 Start up) and move those files to the other folders and restart MS Office again. That error message should be disappeared.

Hope this could helps.

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