Microsoft Security Essential Error Code 0x8050800c

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I am trying to scan with my computer but I got an error:

Microsoft Security Essentials

Microsoft Security Essentials couldn’t scan your computer.

An unexpected problem occurred, install any available updates, and try to start the program again. For information on installing updates, see Help and support.

Click “Help” for more information about this problem.

Error Code: 0x8050800c.

I recently reinstalled the software for my scanner and I was thinking that reinstalling the software will solve it but it failed. I need your help to solve this. Thanks a lot.

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Microsoft Security Essential Error Code 0x8050800c


You must have a registry cleaner and update your antivirus and have it run a full system scan and also update your operating system

Link for the registry cleaner and fixer 

Have it fixed your registry but if you want to fix your registry manually


Click to Start and then Run and type regedit and then enter. Find this file in the registry

“HKLMsoftwaremicrosoftwindows ntcurrent versionprofilelist”

Find for an XP machine here, and they all begin with "S-1-5-" and others have just 2 more digits.

Search and open each key branch and you'll see several values within on the right hand regedit pane.

Look for this value “profileimagepath” (without the “”)

If there is a value within the "S-1-5-…" branch, move on to the next entry.

In any branch, if there is no value called profileimagepath then you must add one.

Right click in the right hand pane blank space and select New and then choose Multi-string Value

With the name New Value #1, and it will be highlighted. And then type so it must read profileimagepath Close Regedit. Carry out the check again and make sure that all keys contain at least a blank key with the name profileimagepath, add the value for any keys that don’t contain it in the profile list branch

Close and save Regedit when done.

Restart your computer after closing regedit

Start the program and try a scan again.

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Microsoft Security Essential Error Code 0x8050800c


It is no problem with the real-time scanning of Microsoft Security Essentials. To fix this issue just follow what is suggested in the dialog box. Update Microsoft Security Essentials. If not work, try checking its settings. Make some changes in the settings. Make sure of a trial-and-error in changing the settings to isolate the problem.

If disabling and enabling process didn’t work, uninstall the application and download it again from Microsoft’s website. After removing the application completely from the system, check your PC for any possible errors. For that, use a disk utility application to check the system. Use a disk utility application like Norton Utilities / Norton SystemWorks.

If you still have the installer for Microsoft Security Essentials, install it then scan again. If you do not have the installer, you can download it from here as well select the right version for your Windows.

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Microsoft Security Essential Error Code 0x8050800c


Hi Mildred Hawk 

My recommendation alongside these solution also check out this Techyv post " Error 0x8050800c with MS Security Essentials" to get another technique to fix this problem. 

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