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Have you ever played Mafia 2 in your PC smoothly?
I couldn't Each time I try to run, a system message showing
The program can’t start because binkw32.dll is missing from your computer.
Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem." appear in the computer screen.
I install/reinstall the game several times, but the problem doesn't solve.
Why it is happening?

Mafia2.exe – System Error
The program can't start because binkw32.dll is missing from your
computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.

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Hi there, Emundson,

First search for the file in your computer which is missing.

If you do not have the file from your computer than you have to search the file in your installation DVD but if you do not have the file in there it is so sad but I know the solution.

We are in the world of globalization so there is always solution.

Don’t worry any more.

Just go to this site to fix the download the problem fixer:  So that’s all.

Have a nice day.

Good bye.

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This is a problem that is directly associated with your dll files. There are two ways to get it fixed;

  • Update to the latest version of Directx in your system. This will install all the necessary updated dll files.
  • Separately install the desired dll file that is causing the issue. You can do this by visiting this official dll files link and click on download after searching binkw32.dll. Once the download is complete run the file and restart your PC after installation.

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I haven’t played this game yet but since the problem is related to a missing DLL file, you can fix it by restoring the missing DLL file back to your computer. It’s hard to verify if the problem originated from the game or started somewhere else in your operating system.

To simply restore “binkw32.dll” on your computer, simply download it from binkw32.dll if you can’t find it anywhere in your computer. On the download page, click on the download button that says “Download ZIP-File” instead of clicking other download buttons. See the image below for reference.

After downloading the ZIP file, extract its contents in a folder. Since we don’t have an idea where to exactly put the file, the best place is to copy it in the folder where your Mafia 2 game is installed. But if that doesn’t work, copy binkw32.dll to “C:\WINDOWS\system32”.

If you are using a 64-bit Microsoft Windows, copy the file in “C:\Windows\SysWOW64\”. After that reboot your machine then see if your game will now start. If it still doesn’t, click Start then Run. Type without quotes “cmd” then hit Enter. Type without quotes “regsvr32 binkw32.dll” then hit Enter. This will surely fix the DLL problem. Try your game now.

Sharath Reddy