Mac book Air Track Pad has smudge

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Does smudge removable from a Mac book Air track pad? After bumping my sons hand last night, his iPod touch skidded across my Mac book’s air track pad. I examined the Mac book and I detected a dark smudge on the track pad. I am not sure if it was there before or if the iPod caused it. The smudge isn't a gouge or deep though. I saw life intruder used a magic eraser to eliminate oils from the track pad. I also have oil upsurge on mine so I am wondering if it would be safe to try using it to eliminate the smudge. I don’t want to spoil it.  Who has had an incident with the magic eraser? I will try uploading photos of the smudge later. Thanks.

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Mac book Air Track Pad has smudge


Hello Bailey Rogers,

I think it will be important if you seek the services of a person that has specialized in the repair of the computers, and especially the ipads and even more specifically someone who deals with repairing the ipad screens,

It may be possible that you may use oil o clear the smudge but then it should be done in a proper way that will not expose your ipad to the risk of becoming nonfunctional completely. So may advise is that you seek a person near you who can repair such devices and avoid trial and error for that may result into more damage.

Hope this helps.


Lee Hung


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