Low battery life of Laptops

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I want to know about the problem that my laptop has a very low battery life maximum 1.5 hrs. Why it is happening to my Laptop? And how can i overcome this problem.

Please help.

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Low battery life of Laptops


Hey Anam,

Battery life is very important for any laptop. However, to overcome your problem of less battery time remind the following steps:

1. Defrag regularly.

2. Dim your screen.

3. Cut down on programs running in the background.

4. Cut down external devices.

5. Add more Ram.

6. Run off a hard drive rather than CD/DVD.

7. Keep the battery contacts clean.

8. Take care of your battery by not leaving charged battery dominant for long time.

9. Hibernate not standby.

10. Setup and optimize your power options.

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Low battery life of Laptops



You can increase battery by many ways.

Always use low brightness.

Don’t keep laptop on charging all the time.

Don’t let it heat. Use cooler or USB fan.

Don’t use too colored back ground.

In battery action center which will possibly in your task bar. Make it on low performance change it in whatever options u are getting. In my HP laptop minimum is 21 watts usage. So use minimum on your laptop.

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Low battery life of Laptops


The total operating hours of your laptop’s battery will depend on the kinds of applications you are using or currently running. Usual applications such as Microsoft Office Word, Microsoft Office Excel, Adobe Photoshop, Opera browser, and so on, consume less power because they don’t require extensive use of graphics. They obviously use graphics but in a very basic way to display texts and other images on the screen.

But if you play lots of games frequently, don’t expect your battery to last longer. Games consume more power than basic applications because of their extensive use of graphics. Because when you play a game, your graphics adapter works at its peak to render the graphical images on your screen. The more vivid the images are, the harder the graphics adapter will work, and the more power it consumes.

Normally, a fully-charged battery that can last for a day when it is idle will only last for about an hour or more when you are playing a game. But if you are losing power much faster than normal even when in idle mode, you should check the programs running in the background. These are the programs that run on startup with Windows.

Disable less important applications from the Windows startup so they will not start with Windows. Another way of using the power more efficiently is to do a regular maintenance. For example, run CCleaner to clean your system from temporary files and unwanted files like your browser history, cookies, cache, and the contents of your recycle bin.

Also, defragment your hard drive on a regular basis so that applications will run much faster and data access is optimized. The faster your applications run, the lesser power they consume. If you have a heavily fragmented hard drive, the applications run slower and this consumes more power.

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