Loud noise while printing with HP OfficeJet 6700 Premium

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I just bought a new printer and am just worried and concerned with the printer’s feedback. Every time I try to print a document, I can hear a very loud noise coming from it. I tried to restart my printer. For few minutes it will work properly all seems to be working smooth. After few minutes I will hear again the noise coming out from it while printing a document. Please help me with this problem!

Thank you!

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Loud noise while printing with HP OfficeJet 6700 Premium


Hello Edith!

There are several factors that affects and produces noise while printing or booting up. Here are the best options for you to do to eliminate the noise.

1. Open the compartment(s). Check if there’s any paper jammed in its rollers. Do not just pull it out. Try disconnecting and plugging back on the printer to roll and at the same time pull out the paper. Do not twist and turn around the rollers that could cause you more trouble.

2. Cleaning the rollers inside the printer is best solutions for this. Try to buy a paper intended for cleaning rollers. Do this at least 4-5 times and check again the printer after restarting it.

3. Try to remove the cartridge or ink from its holders. Place it back and restart your printer.

4. Clean the printer ribbon. Turn off your printer, unplug it from the power source and disconnect USB connector. Use alcohol (ample amount) and wipe it in the ribbon. Look for any dirt or dust that might be causing the noise. Let it settle for 30 minutes.

5. Make it sure that the print path is aligned, if it’s somehow disoriented in its path, try to slide it while the printer is off, move it to the part until it clicks with indexing marks.

6. Restart your printer.

Otherwise, if you think that mechanism inside the printer is the one causing loud noise, then the best option is to bring this printer to your retailer. With the above instructions, those were the only safe parts that we can do.

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