Loud noise fan problems in computer

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Hi there!

My office computer fan makes very loud sound noise. It is very boring for me. At last I have been deciding stop this fan. But if I stop CPU fan so my processor will be risky.


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Loud noise fan problems in computer


Fans located inside the pc, are working to dissipate heat from the pc. These fans sometimes make louder noise because they are getting over heat, which they cannot dissipate completely. You can do two things to solve your problem.

1. You can solve your problem by placing your fan at some cool place. By this the pc will not get more heat and your problem will be solved easily.

2. If you cannot change the place of your pc. Then change the fan and put there more powerful fan. If your power supply's fan making problem. Then you need to change whole power supply, because changing only the fan of power supply is not recommended.

By following any of the above solution, you can easily solve your problem.

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Loud noise fan problems in computer

Hello, please find the following explanation for your reference.
  1. The noise usually comes from the system fan or smps fan. Firstly you may check whether the system fan or smps fan is the source of noise. If these fans make the noise, yon could simply separate the fan from the motherboard by unplugging the cable. If the system fan is out of order, the temperature might rise so that the system could be damaged.
  2. Then you may check the power supply unit PSU. Sometimes this PSU makes noise. The solution is to replace the existing PSU with a new one.
  3. Another source could be the CPU fan. You could also simply replace the noisy one.
Hopefully this could be solved. Thanks and best regards.

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