Login Failed on Spore with Mac

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I encountered “Login Failed: Internal Application Error” when logging in to Spore on my Mac PC. I tried to re-install to no avail. Is there a way that I can resolve this?

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Login Failed on Spore with Mac


Hi you can try these steps. This is a login.prop file for OSX. I hope it will help you.

  1.     Go to your home directory
  2.     Double click on Library
  3.     Double click on Preferences
  4.     Double click on SPORE Preferences
  5.     Double click on p drive
  6.     Double click on User
  7.     Double click on Application Data
  8.     Double click on Spore
  9.     Double click on Preferences
  10.     In this folder there will be a file login.prop, right click and delete this file and try Spore once again.

After the login.prop file was deleted, Spore asked for a new email/password/nickname combination (or you can login with you EA account).

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Login Failed on Spore with Mac


I know how odd it is when you have been playing online games for all you can remember then all of a sudden you’ll get an error message saying Login Failed: Internal Application Error knowing that you don’t have any connection issue on your end and that you have been using the same login information you created since you started the game.  Sometimes, this issue may have been due to patches you may have downloaded which is very annoying indeed since you got those patches for good reasons it can make your online game better.  Here are some websites that you may want to access to help you assist with your concern further:



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