Linux Server For Small Business To Handle Multiple.

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Microsoft released two All-in-one Servers which made the work of businessmen easier. A single Server can handle file sharing, email, VPN etc. but the expense is high. Describe aboutthe Linux Server for small business?

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Linux Server For Small Business To Handle Multiple.


All-in-one software’s:

1) ClearOS

  • Original name was ClarkConnect.
  • You can download either the free edition, home edition or the business one.
  • It has a business-class Server and a web interface.
  • There are many features included in it.
  • You can find add-ons for Antimalware, Cloud, Web access control etc.
  • It even has third party add-ons.
  • After the installation you need to set it up.

You can present the interface with an address: https://IP_OF_CLEAROS_SERVER:81.

  • When the browser is connected you will be prompted for the user information. Fill it and continue.
  • After the authentication, ClearOS setup Wizard will open.
  • Follow the on-screen instruction as they are self explanatory.
  • When prompted select the edition you prefer.
  • Register for an account.
  • After that you can update and configure the Server.
  • Now you are ready to use the Server.

2) Zentyal

  • Original name was ebox.
  • It offers features like Email, Domain & Directory, Networking & Firewall and Infrastructure etc.
  • Install the media and boot it up. Wait till the installation process is completed.
  • A window will be displayed for the package selection. Select the ones you prefer.
  • Login to the Server via web interface.
  • After all the process, Zentyal Dashboard will appear. In the dashboard you can update, manage services, and get a quick response for the update status.

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