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Do I need to include logos of Real Networks, in my CDs and website after getting a RealPlayer - Real Jukebox’s license?   Is there an expiration date of the RealPlayer - Real Jukebox’s license agreement? Or is it a lifetime license?

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No need to use Real Logos for the downloaded files. It is now your discretion how to title your files after you have extracted them from the Real media.

You can download the software using a 14-day trial period and can register for license days thereafter for a monthly fee of $4.95. This monthly fee shall be deducted and paid from your verified payment information either your credit card or electronic transfer from your checking account whichever you choose upon registration will be ongoing until you opt to do cease the membership which could be anytime you desire so. In the event you wanted to stop your membership, you can go to and access My Account Main page and update the "Manage my account" tab.