Image view problem with HP EliteBook 840 G1 laptop

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Please provide me the different specifications in complete details? The hardware included, please  tell me what are the materials used, what are the plugins or extra software included in it? What is the available browser pre-installed in this laptop? Is there any photo editing tool included aside from MS Paint? Please give me more instructions on image view because I have limited knowledge of it and need more detailed instructions. What is the specification of the monitor and the dimension of the laptop?

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Image view problem with HP EliteBook 840 G1 laptop



The problem might be of your emulator as emulators aren’t the real devices. They make lots of problems with the PC and the same thing might have happened to you.

First of all, restart your laptop. This fixes almost all the general issues.

If not fixed,

1. Right-click on any blank space on your desktop >> select “Screen resolution”.

2. From “Resolution”, change the value to “Recommended” level.

3. Change “Orientation” to “Landscape”.

4. Press Apply >> OK.

If still no solution, then uninstall and re-install the graphics driver. The problem of your large image might be of driver’s problem as well.

Also, make sure that you’re not running “Magnifier”. This magnifies the screen and so, makes many puzzled. Press “Ctrl + Shift + Esc” and terminate the process named “Magnify.exe”.

The problem must have been produced from the emulator. Those games are made for different hardware, not for PC version to run directly under Windows. Using emulator isn't recommended and strongly prohibited.

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