If I play games my laptop will turn off

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I am using my laptop for gaming before, but one day while I am playing it turn off without warning. I didn’t encounter this problem before  I’ve been using this laptop just for 3 months and  I have no problem using it in games.

I try to reformat and install the graphic card software because I thought the Operating system encountered some problem but after I reformat my laptop it is still shutting down if I play games even just a simple game from various site like y8.com and games from Facebook.

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If I play games my laptop will turn off


Hello Mark Alfred,

The reason why your laptop shuts down when you play games is maybe there is a problem with your power supply, video card, RAM and hard drives. Many people encounter these problems.  Try to check your system; maybe your system has no enough memory. Overheating is also one of the causes of your problem. You maybe have an underpowered power supply. Overheating can also cause a big damage to your system. You must need to avoid these situations. You must upgrade your system in order to solve this problem. Upgrading your system is enough and only the best way to solve your problem.



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