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I was using Lightworks on my 32-bit computer and had to shift it to a 64-bit computer that have more memory space. After few days. I received the error message “Unlicensed - Install License File". I have verified NTP date, uninstalled the old version and installed the latest version of Lightworks, provided new machine number and tried all the possible solutions.

Nothing worked. How can I resolve the error?

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Please do try the steps below:

·         Uninstall Lightworks then restart the computer. Make sure that the LW folder on your Programs files is deleted as it may still store corrupted files there.

·         Reinstall Lightworks then restart the computer again.

Download the updates for Lightworks if after the reinstallation would not work.

As a work around, you may try to login as an Administrator and use the application. Warnings can be avoided by creating a task in the task scheduler. Make a shortcut to schtasks /run /tn "Your LW Task". Also, make sure that your Lightworks shortcut is pointing to the correct work directory.