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Hi.  I have a lot of JPEG images that I would like to watermark for property protection then upload to the web.  I am in search of photography watermarks samples that could easily be noticed but nothing too fancy.  Can someone here help?  Thanks in advance.

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Fast Watermark is a free application that allows you to create your own watermarks. You can change the font, color and size of the text. You can fit the watermark to automatically fit the size of the images and adjust the placement.You can batch process the images which will save a lot of time.

Another site is Digimarc. They offer a service whereby they watermark your images. The images contain your company information and ownership rights.

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Hello Claraj,

I think you are looking for sample watermarks for photography. You can find some free applications in the web which can meet your purpose. Fast Watermark is one such application for creating watermark. Its a portable software and you can edit fonts which appears on the picture. You can download this application from the following link

Using this application, you can process images in a batch which saves a lot of time. You can also try the following link

This TSR watermark software supports a wide range of languages which could be very helpful for you. So you can choose any of these applications based on your requirement.