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Hello all,

I have big problem here as I can't write in MS Word and I don't know why and I tried more times to remove it and download another one but the same problem so please I need help quickly

Thanks to those who are reading this and will give me answer.

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Hi Smith John, your question here is simple to solve, your Microsoft Word program is the one that might not have been installed properly. If you have tried uninstalling it and installed another without success, then it might be your MS Word program trial period has expired and you need another new program or that it is not activated.

  • If your Word program is not activated, this is what you need to do to activate it; Look for the product key at the back of the case that came with the Ms Office cd, or if you didn't buy the Ms Office package, this is the process you will need to use to activate to full version:
  • Go to Start > My Computer > Local diskC:
  • In Local disk C: open Common Files > Microsoft Shared > OFFICE12 > Office Setup
  • In the folder Office Setup, double click on ControllerProof.en


  • Right click on Proof.xml file, select Open With in the right-click menu.
  • In the Open With menu, select Notepad to be used to open the XML file.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the Proof.XML file to locate the following lines;
  • <feature Id=SetupXMLfiles" Cost=1248"<Optionref Id="Always Installed"/></feature>
  • Change the AlwaysInstalled to Neverinstalled so that it will look like;
  • <Optionref Id="Never Installed"/>
  • Save the Proof.XML file and you can now open and edit the file.


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You have mentioned you have great problem that you can't write in Microsoft Word because you couldn't properly install your package of Windows or your computer has the disorder of connection, hindrance in the software.

You should have to find out the norm of software's. You may re-install Microsoft Word software. You must install Font CD in to your computer. You can't write in the computer software page until you have completed the installation of your Font CD in your computer.

After installation of Font CD please check that you can write in the blank page.

If you have failed you need to install your Font CD.