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I have this problem about programming with visual basic.

i create a menu with a columns. I want to insert a dropdown menu in ColumnA.

And I can select from the dropdown menu from any cell in ColumnA.

any one help me or guide me with this.

Thank you...

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Hallo Lucjan,

It will be easy for you to add the drop down menus using the wizard in the visual basic application you are using, for it guides you through the steps to the end.

What the wizard does is allow you to insert into your application menus that have been customized to the standards that meets the programming that you are working on. I will give you few head stats on how to start the visual basic application and then refer you to a site that will give you detailed step by step guide so insert the drop down menus and sub menus too.  You will need to click on the application wizard icon once the VB application is opened as shown.

Follow the rest of the steps in carrying out the process from the link below.

Hope this helps.


Mahesh Babu