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I am planning to install 64 bit Windows 7 ultimate in my” MACBOOK PRO 13” edition of APRIL 2010 through ‘boot camp’.  Some videos in ‘Youtube’ suggest for using Macbook’s driver CD as opposed to using Windows update. What you all suggest? How can I get windows drivers without any Macbook’s drivers? Windows update can be used or not? If anybody knows the solution to solving this problem, please help me. I will be thankful for all your help.

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  1. First of all,  you can follow as the youtube videos described.  Now to get windows drivers without any Macbooks drivers follow these instructions:
    • You need to have Macbook Air  and Mac mini computers to get windows drivers and also a blank DVD  or USB storage.
    • 20GB of free memory for installing windows 7, 64-bit versions.
    • Pre installation of Boot camp assistant.
    • An authentication.
    • Installation of firmware updates for your computer.

Hope your problems will be solved. Best wishes for you.

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Thank you for your suggestion Lawrence Miah. I followed youtube videos and as you told me to do. I have no problem with my computer now. Thanks techyv.