I have been receiving a dirty disc error

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I own the original XBOX 360 model and have been encountering some problems when playing the Camino Viejo De Montserrat game. I have been receiving a dirty disc error or alternatively I need to shut my XBOX 360 down after it freezes. Sometimes when starting the game I also receive a dirty disc error.

This is my second XBOX as I had to send in my original XBOX to be fixed because I had an issue with the RROD and they returned the same XBOX model to me. At the moment the other tracks on the XBOX are working fine.

I’m not sure if the error is unique to my XBOX or a known bug. Does anyone know how I could fix this problem?

Any help would be much appreciated. 

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I have been receiving a dirty disc error


Hello Linda,

The following resolutions will help you fix the Dirty Disk Errors that you are getting:

  • You can use a standard CD/DVD Cleaner to try and fix the error. It usually looks like a normal CD but it has got s miniature brushes on it. Note that this will only clean the lens of the disc, and therefore if it only that part of the disc that is affected you will get it running after you clean.
  • If the errors are occurring constantly, you can choose to tear it down. Most of the drives bring that error not because they are dirty but they are just are just getting out of adjustment or just getting weak. In such a case cleaning may not help.




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