I can’t Connect My Phone with My Phone Explorer.

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I've installed my phone Explorer to use my Sony w800i mobile phone with my computer.

But when I try to connect it with my computer, my mobile does not appear in the list of connected mobiles in my phone Explorer. 

No mobile phone appears in the list.

I have changed the USB ports and tried the connections, but it is still not working.

While on the other hand, my computer detects the USB connection with my mobile. Which means it is not the problem of USB cable/port, but my phone Explorer is not actually detecting my mobile phone.

Please tell me, how can I fix this problem.

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I can’t Connect My Phone with My Phone Explorer.

  • You can fix the problem. There are some more that you need to do. Before that, check the following things , so that your problem doesn't lie here.
  • Make sure that the phone is correctly connected to the PC. You must get a notification that the phone is connected if there's no issue there. You could do the following to make sure that there is no problem on the settings front.
  1. In your mobile, go to menu, then settings, then phone settings. 
  2. Go to PC connections. 
  3. There will be a mass storage option. Select that. 


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I can’t Connect My Phone with My Phone Explorer.


I had a W800i before with very good internet speeds, the program that you mentioned through is not something I’m familiar with and as such I’ll seek to blame it right away :D.

Anyway the thing is while it is that these third party programs are good and might offer additional functionalities the manufacturers often have a bit of an edge simply because it’s their product, not to say that it’s the best but for this one I’d go with the software that they provide Sony Ericsson PC Suite.

Apart from that what you could consider doing would be to install Sony Ericsson PC Suite, see if that program detects the phone, if it does then of course it could be that the drivers were not properly loaded from the other program.
You could always go ahead and reinstall phone explorer afterwards though.

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