File is Unsupported Error on Quicktime

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I was at home. I wanted to watch the video clips that I have from a training. When I opened the file, an error message came across my screen.

It says that the movie cannot be played, and the file is unsupported.

The movie could not be opened.

The application attempted to use an unsupported Feature.

My first thought was, maybe my file is corrupted. So I ask for another copy of the video clip. When I try to play it again, the same error was displayed in my screen.

I removed QuickTime in the hope to solve the issue. When I am finished installing it, I tried to play my video clip again and the same error was displayed.

Please help me play my video clip.


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File is Unsupported Error on Quicktime


Check the format of the movie clip. There are some formats that QuickTime doesn't support. Here are some supported formats to QuickTime: MPEG-4, 3GPP, 3GPP2, .MOV, MPEG1, AVI, DV.

If the format of the movie clip is not on the list, for sure it will not play. To check the format of that clip, right click on the movie clip and click properties and click on the General tab. There is information posted on it, just read on the part where there is a type of files. See if it is one of the formats supported by QuickTime.

To solve your problem and watch your movie use VLC

This type of player almost plays all types of formats.

Hope this short pointers help you out.


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File is Unsupported Error on Quicktime



The error message is pretty obvious. Your movie clip or file format is not supported by QuickTime. By the way, you did not include your medium of transferring the file to your computer. If you are using a flash drive or USB to copy the file, make sure that the copied file size is the same as the source. Sometimes, the file might be corrupt due to the faulty device.

If you are using the internet to retrieve that file, there could be an error while transferring or downloading. If not, have you tried to play any media from your QuickTime? If it plays another but cannot play the clip you wanted, then your QuickTime is fine. Only the file type is not supported by the software.

There are a variety of media players on the internet. I will suggest you use the KMPlayer. Try downloading the older versions of the KMplayer. Since older versions are more stable than the new release.


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