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These days DropBox is generating me a problem the time I try to log-in into it. The log-in process remains quite slow and ultimately it ends with an error message stated as follows. Thereafter, its icon on the taskbar gets disappeared.  What step should I take now?


Dropbox error

Dropbox unexpected error has occurred during execution of the main script.

Valueerror:null byte in argument for int()

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Hello Joseph.

Based on your screenshot, you are using Dropbox on a Mac OS.  Let's get right down to the solution.  I assume you are familiar with using the terminal and command lines on your Mac OS.  If you know Unix, Linux or FreeBSD then you should not have a problem with the instructions below:

1.  Go to the folder of dropbox by typing "cd .dropbox" on a terminal window.

2.  List the directory contents by typing "ls".  Look for a file named "dropbox.db".

3.  Delete dropbox.db by using the "rm" command.

4.  Startup Dropbox.

It should be able to synchronize and the icon should appear as it usually does in the taskbar.

Hope this helps!