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My computer has so many Autoloaders and I want to turn off Autoloaders. But I don’t know how doing it. Can anyone tell me how to turn off Autoloaders?

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Basically every program that boots with your PC makes your computer slow by grabbing unnecessary spaces in the memory. These Autoloaders or auto start programs can be stopped autoloading at the very beginning when you install any program. Installing any program in custom settings will give you access to ‘uncheck the program to start at startup’.

Even if you have already installed it, no worries. You can stop some programs’ auto loading by right clicking on those programs in system tray and unticking the start at system boot.

PCM Settings

If you don’t find anything like that then open the desired program you want to stop auto start. Then search for any menu or tab named ‘Options’, ‘Preferences’, ‘Settings’ or examine different menus for options to load at startup. If you find any uncheck all such options.

Even after trying the above if you fail then simply go to Start menu > Run Command and type ‘msconfig’ in the prompt and press enter. Go to the ‘Startup tab’ and uncheck the programs you don’t want to load at startup. Click Ok and let the PC restart.

System Configuration

Hope it will surely solve your problem.