How To Stop Yahoo Messenger Loading Automatically

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Hello everyone,

I have Yahoo Messenger installed in my computer. The icon of Yahoo Messenger comes every time at the right side of my taskbar when I start my computer. I right click on it and then click on Exit for taking it out from this place. I know this is not a problem. But I don’t want unwanted programs in Taskbar. I can double click on my Desktop icon of Yahoo messenger when I need it. What can I do to avoid loading this automatically in this place? It is to mention that I did not find anything about Yahoo at All Programs -> Startup. 

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Hello. My name is Chris.

In order to stop Yahoo Messenger from starting up with your system you need to disable it from automatically starting up. This is quite easy. You need to run Yahoo Messenger, then go to MESSENGER>PREFERENCES, or press CTRL+SHIFT+P, and then go in the General Tab from the left and uncheck the box Automatically Start Yahoo! Messenger from the When I start up my computer, it’s the first option from up to down. Then close Yahoo Messenger, restart your computer and everything should be ok.

That’s about it. Hope this solves your problem.

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Hi Denver,

  I will suggest you to install cCleaner a software which will manage your computer and by cleaning up registry prevent slowing down computer.

 Open cCleaner then click on ->tools->Startup->windows.

Here your start up programs are listed select program which you want to start when computer boots. You can disable or enable it from here.

This will solve your problem as cCleaner is free to use.

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