How to stop Thunderbird from switching fonts?

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I am having issues with a font thunderbird install in my pc. I mean, the font changes a lot and obviously they are getting installed again and again and I just want it to stop. I asked my brother if he is the one who changes them but he says no. Is there a way of having fixed fonts in thunderbird?

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How to stop Thunderbird from switching fonts?


Hello Laura,

You are experiencing a "font virus". This virus causes your font character to change the way they should look on the monitor. You need to get rid of it Here's how;

If the font virus isn't that strong then this is what you need to do;

  1. You need to delete the embedded font in your system by going to Computer > Control Panel > Fonts.
  2. Navigate to the said font in your case all components of Thunderbird fonts.
  3. Once you found the fonts then hit DELETE / DEL key in your keyboard.
  4. You should now be able to remove the light font virus.
  • If the first solution is unsuccessful, meaning the virus font came back to mess up with you. Then you need to scan your system with your favorite anti malicious software or anti virus. I recommend AVIRA free for this. This works great in my computer System it should work as great with you too.
  1. Open your antivirus software.
  2. Scan and detect it and then remove the font virus from your system.
  3. You should now get rid of the font virus and your computer should be safe again.

Watch this video tutorial

  • If for some reason the virus can't be detected and you're sure that your malicious software is updated. It could be a very strong WORM virus. You may consider reformatting your Computer before the virus messes you important files inside your local drive.
  • Before deciding to reformat your computer you may consider downloading a NOOB Killer first. Noob killer is a very light portable software that kills very sturdy worm viruses. Run the program NOOB and see if it works. Just follow the sites user guide before diving into this great free Worm Remover by LEERZ.

One of these solutions should rectify the problem.

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