How to solve audio trouble of laptops?

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Sometimes all the set up of a laptop volume configuration remains fine but there are no sound available. 

How to solve it?

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How to solve audio trouble of laptops?


This problem may have many reasons. The most common problem is the problem of the speakers. In a laptop when any media player is played at high volume with the laptop's own speaker it may cut off. And the software based problem would be about the Realtek software if you use that. You can try re-installing the driver. 

If all the things are ok then check the system volume. If the problem is still on then you probably have a hardware problem or major virus attack. For virus attack please install the windows vista/7 again. Sometimes you could face a problem with windows seven in old PC which does not support all the sound facilities of windows 7.

Then you should use vista. If still the problem continues then contact with any computer servicing center. Cause now you definitely have a hardware problem.

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How to solve audio trouble of laptops?


Hello Shohan_shuvro,

If you cannot hear any sound from your laptop try opening your playing audio troubleshooter. This will check for the most likely problems that occur with the sound setting dealing with the sound card, driver, speakers, and headphones.

To open the Playing Audio troubleshooter

  1. Click on the start button (located usually on the bottom left side of your screen)

  2. Locate Control Panel click on that

  3. Type troubleshooter in search box

  4. Hardware and Sound will pop up

  5. Click on Troubleshoot audio playback

  6. If you need administrator password type in now

  7. This should fix the problem!

    Note: make sure your system is updated for troubleshooters from the Windows Online Troubleshooting Service (to ensure this you need to be connected to internet)

If you are still having the same problem continue below:

  1. Click on start button again

  2. Click on Control Panel

  3. Click on System and Security

  4. Under System click on Device Manager

  5. enter administrator password if need to

  6. double click on Sound, and video and game controllers( if sound card is listed and one is not installed)

  7. you will need to install one


Note most laptops do not come with sound cards.

They have integrated sound processors.

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