How To Reinstall The Jumper in Normal Mode ?

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Hello, I have a pentium IV computer.

i want to install windows xp but i can't do it.

when i on my pc it goes auto boot menu and when i setup boot it shows me this message "Turn off Power and Reinstall The Jumper In Normal Mode". I check my CPU connection all are okay but still show me this please tell me what can i do now?

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How To Reinstall The Jumper in Normal Mode ?


Try this option if it will work:

  1. If you have your motherboards manual, it can help a lot to fix the problem you are facing.
  2. shut down your computer and make sure it's not plug in.
  3. open the case and try to familiarize your system.
  4. I assumed that your board is shipped with CMOS clear jumper setting. The only thing you can do first is try to look at the cmos panel and put the jumper in the clear position. There are boards that have jumper on cmos already while other don't have.
  5. Now power on your computer again and wait if you can see the error again. If this method fails then try to remove the battery for at least 5 to 10mins then put it back and power on your system. Always have your manual or motherboards specs beside you to keep you always in good track. It can help recognize the cause of the error easily and you can troubleshoot it with yourself.
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How To Reinstall The Jumper in Normal Mode ?



  • I guess the problem occurs on how you configure the set up in your BIOS system menu.
  • Try to restart your computer and Press Delete key, Tab key or Esc key in your keyboard in order to go to its BIOS Set up  menu.
  • Find the all the drives that stop the HALTS the operation of BOOTING and ENABLE it all.
  • Then 1st BOOT… Select the DVD rom or USB if you used a flash drive bootable OS installer.
  • Above are the BIOS you will seen on the screen.
  • Choose 1st BOOT that can allow the INSTALLER to RUN.
  • Then press F10 to save the change items after the configuration.
  • Then try to RUN your installer again.

I hope this will help you to boot up your installer.







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