Converting documents on Word 2007 to Word 2003

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Most of the word files I am receiving right now are from Microsoft Office Word 2007 that has .docx or .docm extension. I only have Microsoft Office Word 2003 on my pc that is why I’m unable to open them. I don’t want to upgrade yet to Office 2007 because Office 2003 is still working for me.

There might be a simple program that I can install so I will be able to view Word 2007 documents. Upgrading will be costly I think. It would be of great help if you can suggest one for me to install for free.

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Converting documents on Word 2007 to Word 2003


Hi Karen,

You can still use your Microsoft 2003 to open files that are in a newer version. Here are some simple steps to follow:

1. Go to the folder where your document is saved. Right-click on the document then choose "Open With".

Microsoft Office Words

2. Choose the program, Microsoft Word, to open the file.

3. You can also choose the default program to open the file by again choosing the document, right-click then choose Properties. Choose Microsoft Word as your default program by clicking on the "Change" button.

Grammar Properties OPen With document

4. When you are able to open the files, just save them using the "Save As" option and save them to your personal folder so you can always open them with your Microsoft 2003 program.

If you are thinking of upgrading your Microsoft 2003, you can actually download free software. However, if you're more comfortable using the 2003 version then you can keep it that way. The 2010 version has a different interface that may be confusing at times, especially the menu bars, unless you know the keyboard shortcuts of course.

This is how the new Microsoft Word looks like:

Word 2010

You can search Google by typing in "free download Microsoft Word 2010" and it will give you a list of websites to choose from. You can download this for free at no cost.

Here are some sites you can visit:

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Converting documents on Word 2007 to Word 2003


Hi Karen,

There are many sites that will let you convert .docx and .docm files to .Doc for free.

Here are some websites:

  • – this site I think is the best one yet. It lets you browse for yourself .docx file and you can download the .Doc file immediately.
  • – this site will let you browse your .docx file but the .Doc file will be sent to your email address.

There is also a downloadable program that will let you view .docx file and you can copy and paste that to your Microsoft Word 2003. You can download that file in here:

Hope this helps John M.

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