How to manipulate as3 flash tabcontrol?

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Hi techyv,

How to manipulate as3 flash tab control?

Can you please share with me a step by step instruction on how to get in to the tab control?

I have to study all the important features before loading photos in the application. I have to make a puzzle and need to focus on the usage and function of each key. This is for my research project and the submission will be next week.

Hoping for your help.


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How to manipulate as3 flash tabcontrol?


Hi Mia !!!

I have read your given question and researched for a great answer.

Your problem is regarding managing tabIndics and tabIndicia .This means that you might try to load in external swfs. It is not a self organizing way.

I am suggesting you to alter the tabIndex of a movieClip .

a tabIndex of 5 to a movieClip:

1. Import comp. curiousmedia. accessibility. TabIndexManager;

2. var my_mc:MovieClip = new MovieClip();

3. tm:TabIndexManager = TabIndexManager.instance;

4. tm.setTab(my_mc, 5, false);

the setTab() function takes three parameters:

1. The clip we want to add to the tab order (must be of type InteractiveObject, or subclass it)
2. The desired position for my_mc in the tab order (of type int)
3. should my_mc's table children be included in this operation? (of type Boolean)

The last two parameters are optional, and default to 1, and false, respectively.

Now consider the following:

Import comp. curiousmedia. accessibility. TabIndexManager

Time: TabIndexManager = TabIndexManager. instance;

Var Mecca: Movie Clip = new MovieClip ();

var mcB:MovieClip = new MovieClip();

mcA.tabIndex = 1;

tm.setTab(mcB, 1);



I hope this will be more effective



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