How I can fix Desktop not showing-up problem? |

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I hope everyone is fine here and today I am here to get help from you guys about the specific issue, which has been faced by my for one week. There is MS Windows XP installed on my PC and I am having an issue with my desktop functionality. The problem with me is that my Desktop is not showing anything up. And I have noticed that almost all desktop items such as my Start menu, desktop icons, and taskbar etc.

Are all gone to somewhere.

And that is  the reason why the "Task Manager" is the only way for me to open desired applications/programs. Actually, I only cleaned up my whole computer after a serious malware virus attack/issue. However, after that there's another problem; my desktop isn't working properly now (as it is supposed to work). And instead of showing Icons and taskbar its my desktop just shows a very strange picture of a frog. I have tried many things to fix this issue but I am failing in term of my attempts to do so.

For the fixation I have performed the below mentioned operations.

  • Firstly, I open task manager by pressing alt+ctrl+del and clicked the "New Task" tab to start "explorer.exe". But it did not help me to repair the problem/issue.
  • I also have done "Start/Run sfc scannow" since the infection was cleaned out from my machine! Because as much as I know, some malware tools can be even more aggressive and can mistakenly remove/hurt Win system files accidently. And even after doing so the issue is till with my PC.
  • My last attempt was to try repairing my XP with the operating system disk but it also did not work.

Yes, I  also can also try restoring my computer but I am afraid that it'll bring back, all I just removed (malware etc.).

Now, I am hopeful and desperate to get help from you as early as you can suggest easily.

I really am willing to know faster, |How I can fix Desktop not showing-up problem? 


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How I can fix Desktop not showing-up problem? |


Hello Strausss

I do not think that windows is a good choice to get the features back.

You have to make a format in the C drive And make a new windows installation. 

Whatever after installing windows don't click on other drives. Setup antivirus first. 

Then scan the whole computer and then setup other Software and drivers.

This will solve your critical issue.


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How I can fix Desktop not showing-up problem? |


Hello Strauss.

It seems you have done everything that can be done to recover your system from that last malware attack.  System File Checker is already a very effective method of repairing and so is the Windows XP repair option.

I guess that only leaves you with the option to reformat your hard drive. I suggest you do this first:

1. Obtain (download or order online) a copy of a Linux Live CD. I suggest Ubuntu or any of its derivatives.

2. Using its file manager, copy all the important files from your damaged XP installation to another hard drive.  Make sure that the hard drive is free from viruses.

3. You can use the Linux partition manager gparted to delete the partition where your Windows XP was previously installed.

After the above, you can begin installation of Windows XP.

To prevent this problem in the future, I suggest you create an image of your hard disk immediately after you have set up Windows XP to your liking.  In the event of another malware attack, you can just recover using the hard disk image.

Hope this helps!

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