How does an AppleTalk work?

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How does AppleTalk work and what is its benefit? When I try to organize an interface for Phase 2, why do I get a message that says port violates internet compatibility mode?

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How does an AppleTalk work?


As you know AppleTalk is a proprietary suite of networking protocols developed by Apple Incorporation only for their Mac computers only. It will not work on other operating system.

AppleTalk includes a number of features that allowed local area networks to be connected with no prior setup or the need for a centralized router or server.

Simply connecting together the AppleTalk equipped systems would automatically add up addresses, update the distributed namespace, and configure any required inter-networking routing. It was a true plug-n-play system. Now the latest version of AppleTalk is 60.06. This problem must be from your connection utility, make sure it works properly.

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How does an AppleTalk work?


AppleTalk, which was originally designed for Apple computers, is an array of LAN communication protocols or local area network communication protocols. An AppleTalk network is capable of supporting up to 32 devices and can transmit data at 230.4 Kbps or kilobits per second. The distance of every device in an AppleTalk network can be as far as 1,000 feet apart.

Its Datagram Delivery Protocol is very similar to the network layer of the OSI communication model or the Open Systems Interconnection. It contains several features that permit LANs to be connected without the need of setting it up first or the necessity for a centralized router or server.

Systems equipped with AppleTalk automatically assign addresses when connected as well as configure any necessary inter-networking routing, and update the distributed namespace. AppleTalk is a plug-and-play system released in 1985 and became the primary protocol used by Apple devices from the 1980s until 1990s. Versions or editions of AppleTalk were also released for the Apple IIGS and the IBM PC and compatibles.

Apple dropped support for AppleTalk when it released OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard in 2009.

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