How to do optical character recognition excel mapping?

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I just want to ask questions about this thing that I am doing. I tried Optical Character Recognition (OCR) excels mapping image, that is to scan documents into excel. Well this is what I have done.

First, I clicked on the "start" button on the taskbar and select "All programs" then "Microsoft Office" and "Office Tools".

Second, I clicked the "Microsoft Document Imaging", clicked "File", "Open" tab select the file I want to scan on excel and clicked "open".

I selected the entire document and clicked "Edit " menu then "Copy".

Now my question is that why is it that the document doesn't appear on the excel?

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How to do optical character recognition excel mapping?

Hi Morgan,
Okay, here is how it goes.
1. Go to Start -> All Programs -> Microsoft Office -> Office Tools.
2. Open 'Microsoft Office Document Imaging' from your 'Office Tools'
3. Now Open your file that needs to be scanned by going to File -> Open Menu. Now select the required file and click 'Open'
You have done right till this. 
4. Next you need to click on the Icon with an eyeball, 'Recognize text using OCR'. This will run the document through OCR
 Recognize text using OCR
5. Now Select the entire document or required pages using mouse once the OCR process is done. After selecting GOTO Edit -> Copy Image from the top menu.
6. Now open the Excel and open the sheet where you want the document to appear. Go to Edit -> Paste.
Now the document will appear in the Excel.
Let me know if you still face problem scanning docs.
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How to do optical character recognition excel mapping?



It seems you have missed to run the document through the OCR process, which is required before putting the document in an excel file.

When you selected the file that you want to scan into Excel and clicked on Open, after that you need to select the eyeball icon from the lower-right corner of the screen.

Then select the entire document, when the OCR process is complete and click on Edit and select Copy

Now open Excel and open the workbook where you want to add data and click Edit from the top menu and select Paste


Laz Zebbena

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