How do I integrate SharePoint Calendar with Lotus Notes?

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I have been using Lotus Notes as my primary user-interface software as it is very easy to use and I have grown quite familiar with it. However, now that I have started to use SharePoint 2010, I have no idea how to integrate my Calendar with Lotus Notes.

I want these two tools to be linked together in such a way that whenever I add something in my SharePoint Calendar, the same entry will automatically appear in my Lotus Notes Calendar as well.

Please help me out because I need this to help me organize my stuff. I would really appreciate it if you can show me how to do this through a short video tutorial. Thank you very much, and cheers! 

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How do I integrate SharePoint Calendar with Lotus Notes?


SharePoint and Lotus Notes both have built in calendars sharing iCalc format. This means they can be synchronized with each other and to other calendars having the same format like Google. Note however, the only way to sync them is through a third party add on. Mainsoft SharePoint Integrator for Lotus Note is a software you may try to achieve this goal.

1.       Through your browser, navigate to

2.       Download for SharePoint-Notes Edition depending on the Lotus Notes version you have, on the Downloads menu (be sure to fill in the required information to be able to continue with downloading the NSF file)

3.       Open the file and follow the onscreen installation procedure

4.       Once successful launch you Lotus Notes program.

5.       Click View menu and select the option from the side bar menu

6.       Click the expand icon (+) to the right of the “Click here to add a site” heading.

7.       Connect to SharePoint site by typing the URL of your SharePoint site, in the URL portion and clicking “OK”

Now you are ready to sync your calendar. To do this,

1.       Click Show Calendars section in the Notes Calendar application’s left sidebar.

2.       Click the Add a Calendar text link to open the Add a Calendar dialog.

3.       From the Add drop-down menu, select SharePoint Calendar.

4.       Give your new calendar a name or a title, which will be used to identify the calendar in Lotus Notes.

5.       Click “Lookup” to select a registered SharePoint calendar or you may click “Add site” to register a new SharePoint site.

6.       You may also designate a color for each calendar you will be adding for easier identification.

7.       Then click “OK”

*(If you wish to view your calendar offline, please check the tick box with the said option)

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