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Hi experts,

I want to deny access of  USB pen drive into my system.My children are using my computer with full of virus affected USB drive.Can anyone help me ?
Thank you.

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Hi Mr. Cristo,

Certainly, there is a way to deny access USB pen drive into your computer.Please follow the below steps.
1.Please keep press hold the windows key and press the letter R simultaneously.
2.Type in the search bar gpedit.msc and hit enter.
3.Now single click on Administrative tools.
4.Double click on All settings.
5.Under All settings search All Removable Storage Classes:Deny all access.
6.Please enable the policy and click apply-OK.

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Hi Cristo,

Definitely, you can disable the Pen Drive so that you get control of whatever loads in it. I will tell you how you can do that which is also recommended by Microsoft.
Usually, we need to configure the registry key that controls the UsbStor driver not to load on boot.
Start > 4 (disabled) the driver will not start on boot
Start > 3 (enabled) the driver will start on boot
The advantage is that this is the appropriate way to disable/enable USB drives. Please note that this trick is not going to work on Windows 2003 version as it will automatically reset it, recreating the USB storage enabled.
I hope this information helps you.
Good luck!