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Hi experts,

I am trying to run my Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 but it keeps on throwing me this error message:

It says "An IIS directory entry couldn’t be created. The error message is Access is denied. HResult = -2147024891."

I don't understand what it says. Can you help me figure this out? Any suggestion is highly appreciated.


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Yes it is the problem that seems that you may not have installed IIS the software is downloadable at Microsoft site. Then you install it. Once you have installed, you shall open it from My Computer to manage to Internet Information Services. There you have to create a virtual directory. Give all access permissions to the virtual directory.

There will be a web alias name at the time of creation of the Virtual Directory. This directory will act as if it is the server from where the pages are coming. Assign privileges to the directory and all other directories on the system to be used by others. Then you shall find your own machine serving as a server and as a client.