How can we manage linux without ssh remotely?

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Hi Experts,

I am using Linux Ubuntu. I actually want to know, is there any way we can manage linux without ssh remotely? If its possible, how can we do it?

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How can we manage linux without ssh remotely?



First, check that your X Server accepts connection via TCP.  This is disabled to avoid any security problem. You will have to run your Xorg server without the -nolisten tcp option. For gdm3 you can add DisallowTCP=false to /etc/gdm3/daemon.conf under the security context.  Then, you have to restart gdm3 and ps axuf | grep Xorg and your X-Server would appear without the -nolisten tcp option.  Now your XServer should listen on port 6000 and you can check with netstat -anp | grep 600.

Allow access from your remote system to your local Xsession and this can be using xhost to allow access from a specific system. You will supply cookie, see DISPLAY and AUTHORITY for more information.  Specify the DISPLAY variable on your remote host. Now, all x clients will be able to use your local system. If you do not allow TCP access or you do not have a firewall in between or you didn't provide the needed authorization, your commands won't be able to connect to your system.


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